Choices, choices…

There is Behavioural Friction in choosing a consultancy firm.

So we’ve done our best to make it easier.

Take a look at the word clouds.

The one on the left is created from the content of our home page.

The one on the right is created from the combined content of the about-us pages of 8 of the top global consulting firms:

If you want to check for yourself what they say, click on the name to take you to their website.

The difference is obvious and we find it amazing!


You will notice the orientation of their attention is entirely different. Behaviour, System or Behavioural System aren't even mentioned as important areas of understanding or knowledge required for consulting services.

Not once.

The closest a few of them get to behaviours on their entire websites is when looking into the silo of HR issues and employee engagement.

And yet these are fundamental to understanding how an organisation operates and therefore to improving and changing it for the better.

Nothing happens in an organisation unless some thing or someone does something, performs an action or as we call it, a behaviour.

All these actions are undertaken in the pursuit of the purpose of the organisation and together form a system- a system of behaviours.

What we call a Behavioural System.


We think this makes the difference obvious and so makes the choice easier.

It’s between us &  those other people:

  • The guys who through research and experience have uncovered the fundamental dimensions and dynamics of organisations and how they really work (Us) and those that have interesting approaches.
  • Those who use a variety of models and the latest fashionable buzz concepts to provide reassuringly expensive services or, the guys who, driven by passion and obsession, have then spent years working in dark rooms to develop methods to enable that discovery to be used to radically improve your business. Sometimes with their food pushed under the door. I’m just saying! (Again us!)
  • The guys who have fundamentally rethought and redesigned how to make it easier for you to achieve your goals and create the business you aspire to (Still us) or, those who use ‘tried and failed’ approaches that only a minority of those exposed to them will use.
  • Those who talk disruption from the sidelines and remain conservative or the guys who live ‘disruptive’ and will help you disrupt your market place. In a good way. At least for you!  (Oh! that’s us as well!)
  • The guys who are focused on delivering results and performance outcomes (you guessed it- that would be us too!) or the guys that make ‘recommendations’, usually recommend cost reduction and outsourcing, aren’t accountable for delivery and are long gone when the stuff hits the fan or the plane hits the ground.

So it’s a straight choice between us and them.

If your instincts are telling you we aren’t for you and you choose them, we are pretty sure you will be satisfied with the job they will do for you.

They will do exactly what you expect of well known big consultancies with established reputations.

You can reach them by clicking the links above.

If you choose us then we already know the kind of person you are. You don’t go to the funfair to ride on the carousel.

You don’t like going round and round in a mildly interesting way.

You like the roller-coasters. Good safe excitement that still isn’t for everyone.

So let the fun begin!


The clincher?

And here’s the clincher.

How we work is different as well!

There are only 4 different basic models of consulting.

Because we want to make it easy for you to work with us we can use any of them.

How you want us to work with you is up to you.

It's your budget, your objectives, your scope. Big or small short or long term.

Our processes, methods and costs will all be transparent. So none of that

"Am I being charged for this?" uncertainty nor any of that

"I am being charged for this!" horror.

We do confess to having one  preference- we prefer the method that gives you the biggest return on investment, the best results and the most sustainable outcomes in the shortest period of time.

But that's just the way we roll.


You are going to have to contact us.

We don't mind how.

And then we can see how it unfolds.

Looking forward to meeting/speaking/hearing from you already!