Big Glass is the only consultancy in the world to provide clients with solutions using Behavioural Friction. We are absolutely sure this is the case because Behavioural Friction and the models, processes and tools that turn it from an idea to a methodology have been developed by us! Behavioural Friction comes from 5 areas:


Structural Behavioural Friction arises from how it is organised to achieve the business purpose and conduct the day to day operation.


Operational Behavior Friction arises from what is done, the tasks, actions and activities, that take place.


Processes Behavioural Friction arises from the way things are done, the processes used to complete tasks.


Resource Behavioural Friction arises from the availability, attainability of needed resources and how efficiently they are utilised.


Dynamic Behavioural Friction arises from change; the ability of the organisation and its parts to adjust and evolve.

Behavioural Friction operates unseen, like gravity, influencing how things and people behave.

It determines the success, profitability and survival of organisations.

Systems Thinking

Orgainisations are complex systems, so isn't it amazing that no one has developed an approach built on 'systems thinking' to manage and develop them? Especially when existing choices create Behavioural Friction! C-Suite executives are forced to choose change methods which have a specific focus: between a peoples focused, finance focused or marketing focused? And by choosing one over the others, the way in which the business is developed is distorted. This alone creates Behavioural Friction and makes under optimised outcomes inevitable. What is really required is to treat the organisation as a single system, as a whole. It's just common sense. A complex system needs a systems approach using systems thinking. That is what the discovery of Behavioural Friction makes possible.

James Bryant


For 30 years I searched for the source of under optimised outcomes, finally exposing it as Behavioural Friction. The result of 5 years research and development are a system and toolkit for consulting and embedding its application in BAU for organisations.

Changing Behavioural Friction reduces the energy and effort required to achieve goals, making success easier to achieve and maintain.

Putting it into practice

Supported by behavioural and management theory & practice, Behavioural Friction is an effective & practical system to improve strategic and operational outcomes. It is designed to enable flexible and expandable application, from addressing specific issues to company wide application.


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